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Welcome to our new web design. Simplicity is the key. Simplicity to our customers finding businesses down the road or accross the gloabe.

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A new year – a new chance


A new year to improve your international business. Check out the unique features Keyconex can offer to you.

At a glance:

  • A unique search engine that gives you the business, skill, or product you are looking for – country-specific
  • Your own digital company presentation (example: )
  • Showcase your product portfolio and references
  • Connect with your business partners

Stay competitive.

Introducing Keyconex

Keyconex is a social media business network that makes it easy for any corporation to connect and share business opportunities with other corporations, with no cost or risk.
Features at a glance:

  • Showcase your product or service portfolio 
  • Raise your global business and trade
  • Use the search engine to find business opportunities you are looking for
  • Connect, share and enlarge your international network of partners

It’s your digital company presentation that improves your competitiveness in the long term.

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Serious Help to Develop Emerging Economies

With the beginning of the Olympic Games in Brazil, everybody can get a feel what happened with this country in the last 2 years after the Football World Championship in 2014 and after the huge economic investments by the government. Its frustrating to see that the things are still unchanged and the Brazilian economy is on a weak level. Its predictable that the situation will continue in that way…

How can the #Keyconex Business Network help local businesses to improve their individual business, but also the general economy?

Simply, Keyconex provides a web service to everyone doing business that allows local business to showcase what they can offer to other business partners around the world. Herewith, a Japanese supermarket can source Brazilian food, because with Keyconex they can find and connect to each other. Join and setup your free business profile.

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Going blue

As all the social media platforms offer a blue icon, we can do it similar. Proudly present our logo in blue.

The difference to #Facebook #Google or #LinkedIn is simply the fact, those are looking for connection people, #Keyconex is connecting corporations around the globe offering unique features like company profile, product or service search engine, and it can save you tons of money you would spend in marketing to find business partners.

Check it out:


Improve your competitiveness

Keyconex is free to join and you just can win while use the unique features for your business. It doesn’t matter if it is local or international oriented – you can showcase your product or service and find in a simple way business partners that supports your business, or inverse.

>> You need a distributor in Japan? Search for potential corporations.

>> You wanna become a distributor in USA for a specific product? Search for the right corporation.

>> You have a new product? Let other businesses around the globe know the details and sell it through multiple channels.

With Keyconex, there is no need for costly advertisements anymore!

I really see the ugly thing in promoting a business: costs for marketing

Why should I spend a serious amount of money without knowing if it generates the results I am expecting?

Here is the thing! With Keyconex, I simply would not have a need to do advertisements, because I can search for whom I am looking for. Pretty smart.

Now it’s your turn. Join the community and stay competitive. 

The crucial problem we solve for you with Keyconex Business Network

A very easy principle of successful business is to answer this phrase:

What is [your goal] without [problem].

So, let’s put that phrase in the frame of Keyconex, and we can answer like this:

>> Our goal is to help corporations to stay competitive and to find the right national and international business connections by providing a web service platform without the need to purchase crazy expensive advertisements. 

Because… for every corporations, it doesn’t matter if its down the road or across the globe, it is crucial to sell.


Find out more about Keyconex and become a part of it.

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