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Keyconex is free to join and you just can win while use the unique features for your business. It doesn’t matter if it is local or international oriented – you can showcase your product or service and find in a simple way business partners that supports your business, or inverse.

>> You need a distributor in Japan? Search for potential corporations.

>> You wanna become a distributor in USA for a specific product? Search for the right corporation.

>> You have a new product? Let other businesses around the globe know the details and sell it through multiple channels.


With Keyconex, there is no need for costly advertisements anymore!

I really see the ugly thing in promoting a business: costs for marketing

Why should I spend a serious amount of money without knowing if it generates the results I am expecting?

Here is the thing! With Keyconex, I simply would not have a need to do advertisements, because I can search for whom I am looking for. Pretty smart.

Now it’s your turn. Join the community and stay competitive.