Introducing Keyconex

How to network professional: Business to Business

Keyconex is a social media business network that makes it easy for any corporation to connect and share business opportunities with other corporations, with no cost or risk.

Features at a glance:

>> Showcase your product or service portfolio

>> Raise your global business and trade

>> Use the search engine to find business opportunities you are looking for

>> Connect, share and enlarge your international network of partners

It’s your digital company presentation that improves your competitiveness in the long term.


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B2B Business Network

Keyconex is the best B2B business network; place to identify new business partners abroad and locally; build professional social network with keyconex.

Keyconex is your global B2B business network. Create a company profile to showcase your products or services to the community of business partners within the global Keyconex network, or beyond. Search for potential business partners, connect with results that interest you, and share what you have to offer to the world. Exceed your wildest expectations to become a global business.

Keyconex allows you to:

  • identify new business partners both abroad and locally
  • improving sourcing capabilities
  • discover new prospects interested in your products or services
  • expand existing business channels and build new ones
  • become a more eco-friendly business
  • compete with businesses at the next level

10 reasons to join Keyconex:

  1. Instead of searching for new customers, have them search for you on Keyconex.
    Businesses all around the world turn to the Keyconex network to find the products and services you have to offer.
  2. Keyconex saves your business valuable time and money.
    Still searching for a new in unfamiliar markets using search engines?With Keyconex you can search for corporations that offer exactly what you need in minutes instead of hours.It also works the other way around to make sure corporations can find your business.
  3. Showcase your expertise 
    You have your areas of expertise. Now, let the rest of the business community let you know about it. Your Keyconex Company Profile shows your products and services in their best light to the people in the industries or markets you serve.
  4. Identify new business partners from around the globe
    The business industry is constantly evolving. So national and international corporations need to go and evolve to keep up with the changes. Using Keyconex to identify new business opportunities with the right business partners is the first step towards building a promising future.
  5. Learn how to find better sourcing capabilities
    Instead of spending a fortune to ship products across the world, use Keyconex to find partners abroad to produce products in those far away locations. This helps you decrease costs, transportation time, and overall enables a local adapted product design. Starting new locations in your dream markets can become a reality with Keyconex.
  6. Discover new prospects to offer your products or service
    How customers find products and services to buy is totally different in today’s world. So, don’t depend on yesterday’s advertising techniques. Keyconex allows new customers to come to you instead of you looking for them.
  7. Expand existing business channels and build new ones
    The potential customers for your business is no longer local it’s global. Keyconex opens up an entirely new audience for your products and services by utilizing digital marketing. Also, if you’re opening a new business channel Keyconex is a great way to begin that is low risk and high reward.
  8. Follow ecological practices
    Ecological practices become a bigger priority for global players as the demand increases. From the first design to the final testing becoming more ecologically friendly is a huge consideration. With Keyconex you can follow ecological practices without sacrificing quality.
  9. Find the right Business partners
    A business partnership is a lot like a marriage. The right partner is hard to find, you tend to stick with the same partner for a long time, and when the partnership goes wrong a separation can be costly. Be sure you not only find a partner, but that you find the right one because choosing wrong could mean losing your business. With Keyconex, you know you’re working with a partner you can trust.
  10. Change your future
    Using Keyconex gives you the potential to turn your business’s audience from a local or regional market to a global one. The growth possibilities are endless when advertising on Keyconex. Whether you dream of expanding to new locations, offering more products or services, Keyconex can make it possible.




Business Social Network

Share your business profile to your business partners through keyconex; use keyconex profile, the best social media platforms for business.


Keyconex is a Business Network with the purpose to connect corporations (with a demand) and corporations (with an offer) using Business-2-Business international principles combined in a single online solution.


What others can’t offer, but Keyconex does:

>> We offer your specific company profile you can share with your business partners,

You can link your website to your Keyconex profile, or use your Keyconex weblink, e.g.,

>> Add your references, products or services to showcase and share

>> Add skills and your individual business description

Keyconex is your digital and online business presentation accessible to everyone and everywhere, for those who search or provide business opportunities. Our goal is to keep you competitive and to solve a simple problem: find business partners that supports your business.


Within Keyconex, you are able to find what you are looking for, or you present what you can offer. Therefore, we have established a smart search engine that enables you to enter your products or services, skills, industry or market. These criteria’s and in combination with a country and city, that makes it simple to find what you are looking for.


A simple example: I am a German company looking for Structural Installation Service in San Francisco. With Keyconex, its so easy to find the company that supports my business.


Keyconex allows you to search, connect and share your business opportunities. Whether they’re down the road or across the globe, Keyconex connects you to the perfect business that provides the product or service you’re looking for, or Keyconex connects you with corporations looking for you.


>> Keyconex <<

A new generation of business channels that exceeds your vision.


Keyconex Inc., USA, Copyright 2020. All rights reserved.

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