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Share your business profile to your business partners through keyconex; use keyconex profile, the best social media platforms for business.


Keyconex is a Business Network with the purpose to connect corporations (with a demand) and corporations (with an offer) using Business-2-Business international principles combined in a single online solution.

What others can’t offer, but Keyconex does:

  • We offer your specific company profile you can share with your business partners,
  • You can link your website to your Keyconex profile, or use your Keyconex weblink, e.g.,www.keyconex.com/@keyconex
  • Add your references, products or services to showcase and share
  • Add skills and your individual business description

Keyconex is your digital and online business presentation accessible to everyone and everywhere, for those who search or provide business opportunities. Our goal is to keep you competitive and to solve a simple problem: find business partners that supports your business

Within Keyconex, you are able to find what you are looking for, or you present what you can offer. Therefore, we have established a smart search engine that enables you to enter your products or services, skills, industry or market. These criteria’s and in combination with a country and city, that makes it simple to find what you are looking for.
A simple example: I am a German company looking for Structural Installation Service in San Francisco. With Keyconex, its so easy to find the company that supports my business.

Keyconex allows you to search, connect and share your business opportunities. Whether they’re down the road or across the globe, Keyconex connects you to the perfect business that provides the product or service you’re looking for, or Keyconex connects you with corporations looking for you.


Key Connections at its Excellences.

A new generation of business channel that exceeds your vision.