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Keyconex is the best social media platform to connect corporation nationally and internationally; the best business social network. Create a Keyconex account and get useful features that will enhance your business growth.

Let us change the rules of how we all do international business!

Today, corporations who offer a product or a service would like to expand their business to other markets and countries. Moreover, they want to maintain their competitiveness level, search for better sourcing capabilities along with ecological attitudes.

In such a case, they are looking for business partners abroad who offer similarities in their intentions (expand business) and offerings (scope of product or service).

Unfortunately, there is no platform available today who can connect both corporations with their individual intentions.

Welcome to Keyconex.

Keyconex is a B2B social media platform with the purpose to connect corporations (with a demand) and corporations (with an offer) international.

Keyconex specifically shifts corporations’ focus from national to international markets by providing the best possible and accessible partners. Keyconex transforms the connectivity of corporations international and offers a real added value to the users.

Keyconex provides a digital platform that generates an international connected network which offers better sourcing capabilities that leads to reduce the carbon dioxide exhaust.