How to Make “Boring” Industrial Content Interesting with Keyconex

Retail companies have it easy when it comes to creating a social media presence. When Wendy’s created a Facebook page, people liked it because they genuinely to like their food. But how does an industrial, B2B company succeed on social media when selling a really un-sexy product like valves? They may have to get a little creative, but it can be done. I should know, I’ve been a social media manager for over three years and two of those years have been for industrial companies.

Post during the workweek.

You’re trying to reach an industrial audience while they’re on the job. Posting at night or on the weekend won’t appeal to them. You need to reach them while they’re deciding which product to go with on the job. They won’t want to make those decisions when they aren’t at work.

Don’t be afraid to have a little fun. 

Just because it’s about an industrial product, doesn’t mean it has to be so serious. I like to start each Tweet with an attention grabber. For example if I’m posting about an industrial seal, I may say: Your fate is sealed when you make the investment in Centerpoint #Seals. Look at your product or service from an outside perspective to come up with a play on words or pun to go beyond a dry advertisement.

Follow a social network’s protocols. 

B2B companies aren’t as experienced as B2C companies are with social media. They have the habit of making mistakes on social media (link other blog). Be aware of the difference between networks. Facebook doesn’t use hashtags as prevalently, but on Twitter it’s a great way to broaden your audience. Don’t link your Facebook and Twitter feeds. You should build unique content for every network. Come up with a plan to post on all your accounts that works for you and stick to it. And if it’s too much for you, don’t be afraid to hire outside help if you need it.

Share your company’s big news. 

When your company is exhibiting at a big trade show, tweet away. That’s how your company reaches a new audience. The next time you release a product, its debut should be on your company’s social media page. Get in the habit of integrating social media into your traditional marketing. It’s one place where you control the message entirely and you can release the news entirely.

Text isn’t enough.

While it’s good you’re writing on social media, text isn’t enough to grab your audience’s attention. Adding a link is a good way to drive traffic to your website and it also gives you a place to expand on the point you made in your post. If a customer is interested in the product you posted about, they can click on the link to learn about it and possible purchase it. Adding a picture to a social media post either instead of or in addition to a link is even better. A picture breaks up the monotony of a feed full of text to make your audience look. The only thing better than a picture is a short video. A video is the easiest way to get content to “go viral” and is a much more effective way to show what a product does rather than say what it does.

Target a specialized audience. 

Quality over quantity is key for industrial brands. I always start with Twitter to build a social media presence. You can use hashtags to target a specialized audience, follow potential customers in hopes they will follow you back, then refer your audience to your other social networks. Don’t build the audience on how many likes you get. All of your friends are liking you on Facebook is far less valuable than finding a few new potential customers.

When it’s all said and done, industrial social media isn’t all that different from how commercial companies do it. If you’re looking for a way to connect with other companies on social media, a new social network called KEYCONEX is available. It will connect businesses looking for products and services and those providing products and services. To find out more about Keyconex, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.


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Change your future

Using Keyconex gives you the potential to turn your business’s audience from a local or regional market to a global one. The growth possibilities are endless when advertising on Keyconex. Whether you dream of expanding to new locations, offering more products or services, Keyconex can make it possible.

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Find the right Business partners

A business partnership is a lot like a marriage. The right partner is hard to find, you tend to stick with the same partner for a long time, and when the partnership goes wrong a separation can be costly. Be sure you not only find a partner, but that you find the right one because choosing wrong could mean losing your business. With Keyconex, you know you’re working with a partner you can trust.

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Follow ecological practices

Ecological practices become a bigger priority for global players as the demand increases. From the first design to the final testing becoming more ecologically friendly is a huge consideration. With Keyconex you can follow ecological practices without sacrificing quality.

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Expand existing business channels and build new ones

The potential customers for your business is no longer local, it’s global. Keyconex opens up an entirely new audience for your products and services by utilizing digital marketing. Also, if you’re opening a new business channel Keyconex is a great way to begin that is low risk and high reward.

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Discover new prospects to offer your products or service

How customers find products and services to buy is totally different in today’s world. So, don’t depend on yesterday’s advertising techniques. Keyconex allows new customers to come to you instead of you looking for them.

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Learn how to find better sourcing capabilities

Instead of spending a fortune to ship products across the world, use Keyconex to find partners abroad to produce products in those far away locations. This helps you decrease costs, transportation time, and overall enables a local adapted product design. Starting new locations in your dream markets can become a reality with Keyconex.

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Identify new business partners from around the globe

The business industry is constantly evolving. So national and international corporations need to go and evolve to keep up with the changes. Using Keyconex to identify new business opportunities with the right business partners is the first step towards building a promising future.

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Showcase your expertise

You have your areas of expertise. Now, let the rest of the business community let you know about it. Your Keyconex Company Profile shows your products and services in their best light to the people in the industries or markets you serve.

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Keyconex saves your business valuable time and money.

Still searching for a new in unfamiliar markets using search engines? With Keyconex you can search for corporations that offer exactly what you need in minutes instead of hours. It also works the other way around to make sure corporations can find your business.