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As one of the major goals of Keyconex is to connect corporations, it is important to every company to let others know what your business can offer.

Herewith, every company has its public profile that presents your company description, product or service you offer, and references you are proud to show.

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Keyconex: Not Your Average Social Network

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogger, Snap Chat, Reddit, Vine, MySpace, Periscope…There’s a million social networks out there and it seems like a new one comes out every day. And they all do some version of posting pictures, statuses, and videos to share with your peers. So why should you figure out another social network?


Keyconex is built to stand out from the pack of all the same social networks. First of all, we’re here to connect the business-to-business industry. Instead of connecting one individual with another, Keyconex connects one business with another business. Just how LinkedIn connects the business community on an individual basis, Keyconex will connect companies with each other.

Also, the majority of all these social networks are for fun. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more serve to entertain, connect, and inform us. Sure businesses can use these social networks to connect with their audience and advertise, but that’s not what it was created for. Only LinkedIn was designed to connect business people with their colleagues, but still that is only on an individual basis.


Keyconex has a real purpose beyond networking for businesses too. Here’s a problem businesses commonly face: they want a new business partner, supplier, or investor, but don’t know how to go about finding them. They try a Google search, but they’re bombarded with thousands of search results that aren’t what they’re looking for. Or you sign up for a freelancer website only to have applicants not respond back and have an added fee tacked onto their hourly rate.
Keyconex solves that problem.
Businesses looking for new products and services can save time by utilizing the Keyconex network of products and services. Instead of searching with Google, you won’t get any sponsored or unrelated results in Keyconex. It works great for those businesses who want to showcase what they offer on Keyconex as well. For a reasonable monthly or annual rate, companies can build a Keyconex profile to showcase what they have to offer. Not only that, but they have access to customers that are interested in their products and services. That’s not advertising; that’s a new source of customers. It’s a win-win for both types of businesses. Those looking for products can find it simply and rest assured is a credible business and those providing can get new customers, expanding their market to the entire world.
Social media marketing is already being seen as a real business tool, but now you’re convinced that Keyconex is made for those in the business community. There’s no cat videos or Buzzfeed articles here. Keyconex just solves a problem that almost every business faces.

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Keyconex. Key Connections at its Excellences.

Key Connections at its Excellences.

A new generation of business channel that exceeds your vision.
Keyconex allows you to search, connect and share your business opportunities.
Whether they’re down the road or across the globe, Keyconex connects you to the perfect business that provides the product or service you’re looking for.

Welcome to this rule-changing network of business.

Keyconex: A New [Social] Business Network Connecting the Global B2B Industry Launched

(April 1, 2016) – There are many social networks out there but Keyconex will be the first of its kind to connect businesses looking for products and services with those providing them. Companies in the Business-to-Business industry can create a free Keyconex profile already started end of 2015. If a business that has a product or service to offer would like to advertise to a larger audience, it can purchase a Keyconex subscription to add keywords like products offered, business locations, and languages capabilities. The site will primarily target the U.S., Canada, Europe, India, Japan and China now, then target the rest of the world and add new features to Keyconex on our extended launch in January 2017.

Currently, performing a Google search is usually the first place a business goes to find a product or service they need, but may have a hard time finding it because of the countless ads and un-related search results. Businesses can see Keyconex as a virtual trade show where they have the opportunity to connect with businesses around the world.

While a business that has a product or service to offer can create a free Keyconex profile, subscribing to Keyconex allows them to expand their reach to new business partners. Unlike with traditional advertising, a business will know when they have reached a potential customer. When a business is interested in them, they will receive a notification. If the interest is mutual the two companies can share contact information and start to improve their business.

There will be several different Keyconex packages available to suit businesses from freelancers to global enterprises. The size of the package will determine how many product, industry, and skills keywords it can add and the search priority the business will possess. Businesses can order any Keyconex package through an integrated PayPal system and we will add more payment options in the future.

If a business is looking for a product or service, they will be able to register and use Keyconex at no cost. No matter what a business needs to grow — an investor, a service provide, or a supplier — it can be found on Keyconex. The business-to-business industry that has adapted other social networks to meet its needs will appreciate a social network that was designed for them. Just how business professionals turn to LinkedIn to connect with their peers, they will be able to utilize Keyconex to connect with other companies. Secondarily, users will be able to connect on an individual level on Keyconex and create groups to interact within groups.

Another option for businesses is to advertise on the Keyconex platform. Keyconex will target the businesses community all around the world, making it a desirable advertising platform. Businesses will be able to narrow down the audience of ads placed on Keyconex further by selecting a specific industry. It will also benefit businesses that already have a Keyconex profile. Each size of businesses has a certain search priority for its size, but advertising on our site boosts its search priority.

Now, let’s start your Keyconex professional business network.

Introducing: Keyconex

Keyconex is a B2B social media platform with the purpose to connect corporations with a demand and corporations with an offer around the globe.

The intention within this international connection of corporations is the principle idea to

  • achieve better sourcing capabilities,
  • new perspectives and channels to offer products or services to international markets,
  • which at least enhances the competitiveness,
  • and follows ecological attitudes.


Within Keyconex it is all about Business-to-Business (B2B):


  • Search for business partners international
  • Search for professionals


  • Connect with the right business partners international
  • Exchange business opportunities


  • Share references, projects, or business
  • Share contacts


Key Connections at its Excellence